NEXT MONDAY! Get ready for an earful. New music, old favorites. Come on up to Alder Street to meet the folks of Playback Musik.
King says:
"Traditionally, The Stoop has always been a place of meeting and congregation. Here at The Village, our founder Big Man always had people from all over the city come to meet him on The Stoop, as a way of people seeing what the neighborhood had to offer the world.
We at Playback Radio want to continue this tradition by having music listening events and conversation. Every Monday at 2509 Alder street we will listen to specially curated playlists that speak on a number of topics and questions as well as playing that new ish!

We hope you can swing through from 5pm - 8pm.


Matias Santa Maria

Kenzo 1983 - Iman by Hans Feurer

Afrofuturism takes flight: from Sun Ra to Janelle Monáe

Great piece about Afrofuturism. Thank you, Guardian. King Britt, curator of MoMA’s Moondanda Afrofuturism event. Photograph: John Kaufman

by Noa Knafo

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